Qui sommes-nous

Une équipe de passionnés de tennis!

Nous sommes un bon mélange de passionnés de tennis et d'informatique qui aiment tout simplement le jeu de tennis. Nous faisons partie d'un club de tennis basé dans le Nord-Ouest de Donegal, en Irlande

Fred has worked in computer programming and web architecture for the past 15 years. He has played tennis for over 35 years.

Olivier a plus de 20 ans d'expérience en vente et en marketing et il n'est pas gauché lorsqu'il sagit de taper dans la balle

We live about 20 Kms from our club and found it difficult to book courts. The booking system was very cumbersome... calling committee members to check availability on a paper based system. It became clear to us that an online court booking system was an absolute necessity for the efficient use of our tennis courts and for the convenience of our fellow tennis club members. So we decided to design and implement our own club online court booking system. And so Acebook was born.

Nos compétences

  • Web Design
  • Développement de produits
  • Soutien à la clientèle
  • Protection des données
  • Niveau de Tennis

Very soon after our Court Booking System was launched, we discovered that all members loved it for its simplicity and the freedom it gives to anyone who wishes to plan a game. Likewise, committee members loved it as it freed their time to focus on more important tasks such as club development rather than 'paper based' administrative chores.

Less than 3 years ago we decided to invest in an entreprise scale server platform, in tandem with new software development, to offer a reliable and secure solution to any club who has similar needs and ambitions. We are now ready!

We are now offering our system and expertise to any club who wishes to avail of our 'state of the art', paper free service. Our plan is to keep developing the system so that it becomes a better court booking system. Our aim is to remove any unproductive administrative task that any club committee currently performs, while helping each club's development and planning.

Si vous êtes membre d'un club de tennis, vous voulez jouer au tennis ... non pas remplir de la paperasse. Alors rejoignez-nous sur Acebook.
If you are a member of any other sport's organisation and you would like to better utilise your facilities, if you value the idea that a more efficiently run organisation is a key ingredient to improved player satisfaction, hence better substainability, then give Acebook a try! You have everything to gain.