Your unique Club Requirements are covered

  1. 1. Powerful, flexible and optional configuration features.
  2. 2. Fully customizable to your club requirements, rules and policies.
  3. 3. Acebook encourages fair court usage.
  4. 4. Accommodate the most complicated booking rules

Tennis court booking system

  • I like the system very much as it is clearly laid out, makes it very easy for customers to book and is really flexible to handle as an administrator.

    Markus S., CEO of Super-Sessions, Berlin - Germany

Acebook automates most tasks for you

  1. 1. Automated email reminders when membership renewal is due
  2. 2. Possibility of accepting secure online payment directly to your club's account
  3. 3. Up to date list of members at your fingertips, with performance reports compared with previous year
  4. 4. The Document upload section provides greater visibility and simplifies communication with your members

free court booking system

  • Membership renewal and reminders are taken care automatically by Acebook. As a result, we only send letters to members who do not have an email address. This reduces the time we spend and the cost associated with sending each letter. We also receive an email every time a new registration occurs to let us know.

    Frank, Nenagh Lawn Tennis Club - Ireland

Acebook makes it easy to keep players in the loop

  1. 1. Acebook is a transparent system
  2. 2. Players can be organised by groups
  3. 3. to receive Emails or SMS

Acebook also makes it easy for players to contact each other to organise a game

free tennis court booking system

  • We use SMS and emails to remind our members about fundraising events, forthcoming league matches and competition results. The possibility of grouping players is a very handy feature.

    Monique, Bishopstown Lawn Tennis Club - Ireland

Comprehensive Reports help you make the right decision

  1. 1. Clear & Professional reports.
  2. 2. Helps you identify what your current club strengths and weaknesses are and what areas can be improved to maximise the potential of your facilities
  3. 3. Includes Booking Statistics, Court Usage, Membership Repartition, Gender & Age profile, Most Active Users, ...

simple tennis court booking system

  • I love the reports. They give us so much insight into our activity: which pitch gets the most used (maintenance), what are the least popular slots, who gets to play the most, how can we organise activities to get our least active members to play when bookings are quiet...

    Michael, Game on Letterkenny - Ireland

Valuable Sponsorship To Generate Money

  1. 1. Your asset to any local advertisers (sport shops for example) is the targeted audience they can reach (your members), on the busiest page of your website (your booking page).
  2. 2. Adverts can be updated / changed regularly giving better value to sponsors than static signs.
  3. 3. Click-through statistics show how well adverts perform.
  4. 4. You are in control to use the sponsorship module or not and adverts are not 'in your face'.

reliable tennis court booking system

  • We charge our sponsors €100 each to display their adverts on our booking page each year. Creating advertisers and loading ads is simple to do. We have decided to display 5 adverts at anytime so in effect Acebook cost the club nothing. Now that's clever!

    John, Claremorris Tennis Club - Ireland

Up to date club Account Statements at all time

  1. 1. Financial transactions at your fingertips
  2. 2. Professional Reports, clearly layed out (PDF, Excel, CSV)
  3. 3. Performance comparison with previous year

online court booking system

  • I really like the search facility to extract the exact sale's figures I need and the PDF export facility, to present at annual AGM. They look very professional, with the club's colour and logo. The committee can react quickly to revenue not aligned with financial projections based on previous year's revenue

    Margaret, Butt Hall Tennis Club - Ireland